Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mrs. Vilma Santos-Recto ay ang nagpahirap sa atin dahil sa EVAT

“I am proud to say, paniwalaan man ito o hindi, umpisa hanggang huli, hanggang dumaan ang maraming taon, dahil ito ang totoo. Kung meron man po akong magandang ginagawa at ako ay nakakakuha ng positibong feedback sa trabaho ko bilang public servant, I am proud to say because I have my husband as my senior adviser, and I have my husband as my tutor, and I have my husband as my guidance sa lahat po ng aking ginagawa. “

Yan ang mga salitang binitiwan ni Mrs. Vilma Santos-Recto sa isang prescon sa Quezon City. I have nothing against Mrs. Recto but many people don’t trust the people surrounding her, especially her husband Ralph Recto and his brother in law Ricky Recto. Ralph Recto Is the author of RA 9337 or the E-VAT law.
The E-VAT puts an extra 12% on the cost of all goods, including our most basic necessities.  E-Vat only created more corrupt government officials. This cost him to lose the last senatorial election. Another problem I have with Ralph Recto is that he joined the party which made him a pariah in the last senatorial election. They attacked him which resulted with him not winning. Now he switches sides - this shows weakness of character. He embraced the hypocrits which makes him a hypocrit too.
Ricky Recto is the brother of Mrs. Vilma Santos-Recto’s husband and who is accused with several others for the attempted assassination of the former governor of Batangas. The Regional Trial Court of Batangas ordered the arrest of Ricky Recto, the former vice governor of the province in connection with the 1996 bombing attack on then governor Armando Sanchez. 
The Sanchez camp offered the reward of $50,000 for any information on the exact whereabouts of Recto and some of his co-accused. The complaints arose from the attempted assassination of Sanchez when a bomb exploded while he was about to leave the Batangas provincial capitol compound aboard his Hummer vehicle on June 1, 2006.The explosion resulted in the death of the driver of Sanchez and a policeman assigned as close-in security to the governor.Sanchez himself escaped death but he suffered severe burns and some injuries.
Ang senior adviser, tutor at guidance ni Mrs. Vilma Santos-Recto ay ang nagpahirap sa atin dahil sa EVAT.

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