Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Life of Governor Armando Sanchez as a Governor of Batangas

Armando Sanchez , a mechanical engineering graduate from the University of the East. He was elected mayor of Sto.Tomas Batangas in 2001. During his term as the mayor, he leaped Sto.Tomas from being the 5th class municipality to 1st class.

He built a three story town hall and produced a hospital. In 2002, Sto.Tomas won the top prize in a nationwide search for the cleanest and greenest town in Batangas. In 2004, Because of what he did in Sto.Tomas during his stint as mayor, many convince him to run for governor of Batangas.

won the governatorial election against six other candidates. During his stint as the governor of Batangas., He nearly escaped death in 2006. When a planted bomb blew up his hummer and two of his aides were killed. The Regional Trial Court of Batangas ordered the arrest of Ricky Recto, the former vice governor of the province in connection to the bombing. Ricky Recto is the brother of Ralph Recto a former senator and the author of EVAT law.

During the term of being the governor of Batangas many allegation was threw to him that cause him to loss the 2007 governatorial election to Mrs. Vilma Santos-Recto. When he was not busy in politics, he concentrate on his business including ACS Industrial Farms, which is the main supplier of chickens for San Miguel Foods Inc. He also dabbles in real estate and construction and has a fondness for breeding race horses.

Now he is running again for the governatorial election in Batangas for the Nacionalista party.

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