Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Batangas Racing Circuit

The biggest track in the Philippines situated at Barrio Maligaya, Rosario, Batangas. A world class track was inaugurated in 1996. The race track to be called “Batangas Racing Circuit”. The original track was only 2.9 KM long and then was renovated in 2005 the tracks became 3.5 KM long and 15 meters wide with 45 pit garages. It managed to expand the race track from the 18-hectare to about 25-hectare property.

The road surface was made of bitumen. Bitumen is also known as asphalt or asphalt cement. The track runs up and downs along stretches and treacherous curves. The track is designed to ensure safety for the drivers and riders participating in every event as well as the spectators. It caters races bigger than go-karts, scooters, touring Cars, Superbikes and of course, Formula Cars.

The Batangas Racing Circuit organized the following races when it opened in 1996 like Formula Toyota, National touring car races, Motorcycle road racing and Toyota Corolla cup. The success of the first ever formula racing in the country with the untiring corporate support from the Shell companies, Toyota motor corporation, Philip Morris Phils, Norkis Yamaha, and Kilton motor corporation and the provincial government of Batangas.

After years of holding successful races, Batangas racing circuit now produces Champions in their respective discipline. It has established Philippine records, from motorcycle road racing to car races and formula races. Now represents the Philippines in the International Competitions in USA and in Europe.

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